Understanding Tattoo Needles

Whether you are a seasoned tattoo artist or you want to make your first tattoo, you need to have the right tattoo needle.

Types of tattoo needles

The choice for the needles is solely dependent on your preferences. The cool thing is that there are many types of these units you can choose from. The most common are:

Round: They are often referred to as loose needles. This is because they provide you with a lot of flexibility regarding thickness. You can use the units as liners or shaders depending on how close you place them on the skin. When buying them, you should look out for the RL markings. You will also see some of them written by their sizes such as 7rl, 9rl, and so on.

Flat: Flat tattoo needles are soldered in a straight line to a needle bar. They are most ideal for use in lining as their shape makes it possible for you to deliver more into the skin. When looking for fast results, you should go for larger needles. Just like the round needles, these units are marked by their types such as FL (flat liner) or FS (flat shader). It’s also common to find some of them marked by their sizes.

Magnum: These needles are the go-to units for all of your shading work. They feature longer tapers that allow them to deliver a lot of ink in large areas of the skin. Since they deliver a lot of ink with just a single pass through, you need to pass on a zone only once thus deliver minimal damage to the skin. These needles come in different designs that include: stacked, weaved, and curved. It’s up to you to choose the right ones for your application.

Factors to consider when buying the needles

When purchasing the units you need to consider some factors for you to buy the right ones. You should consider the shape of the units. Are they unbent, straight, or sharp? If they are crooked, dull, or bent, they aren’t right for you as they won’t deliver ideal results.

Also, consider the style of soldering. You should pay close attention to how they attach to the bar and center rod. If the soldering is loose, stay away from the needles as they are more likely to come off when applying the tattoo. To increase your chances of buying high-quality needles, buy from a reputable store.